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SEO ROI Calculator

This calculator enables you to compute and analyze the expected ROI associated with Google after being on top 10 results. By entering data specific to your particular industry environment, and modifying the assumptions utilized in this ROI model, you can quickly estimate a realistic revenue and benefit analysis of a Static Site Wizard whether you have a small website or large corporate dynamic network.

Number of Unique Visitors Per Day

Based on your current traffic, try to imagine how many visitors you might expect to receive every day after we optimize your site. Remember: Typical customer of Search3w increasing traffic volume by 60 percent.

Conversion Rate

Research shows that on average 2% of all visitors to retail sites end up as customers. Conversion rate varies by industry, call ext 703 for your data.

Gross Profit

What is the average gross profit for your products that you sell, or plan to sell, online?


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